We are delighted to welcome IIRIS, our newest sponsoring partner, as part of the growing DiversITy-talent family. We are delighted to have them.

Anna Somaiya, Co-Founder and CEO of DiversITy-talent:

‘We are thrilled to have IIRIS as part of our sponsoring partner group. Our focus on education in communities, building talent pipelines for the future and more are closely aligned. We are looking forward to having IIRIS leaders, managers and teams involved in our DiversITy-talent Awards scheme and work ready programmes, mentoring and careers activities. A big thanks you to Mateus and Shradha for their strong support’

Jeremy Blain, Co-Founder and Senior Partner of DiversITy-talent:

‘This is great news and true meeting of minds when we consider the future workforce, building talent across our education systems and changing misconceptions of careers in modern business and technology. IIRIS is the perfect partner for DiversITy-talent and we look forward to a close working relationship to come. A big thanks to the whole team at IIRIS for getting this off the ground with us. Exciting times ahead.’

Shradha Samantray

“As a woman in the tech industry, I believe it is crucial to champion diversity and inclusion by also actively involving new generations and young people. Empowering young minds at the grassroots level is not an investment in their future, but in the future of innovation and progress for all.  

At IIRIS, we are thrilled and proud to partner with DiversITy-talent in creating an inclusive environment for new generations. We look forward to encouraging young minds to embark on this industry full of opportunities to learn, grow, and excel.”

Shradha Samantray – Senior Director Data and Analytics Value Chain

Mateus Fantini

“I’m truly excited about the partnership between DiversITy-talent and IIRIS. This represents a steppingstone for companies like ours in raising awareness about diversity and inclusion in the workplace and among teams. Such initiatives are pivotal in creating opportunities for young people, inspiring them to learn, feel motivated and invest in careers in technology.”

Mateus Fantini – President of IIRIS